James Yarger, Ph. D.

Chief Executive Officer

James YargerDr. James Yarger is an accomplished scientist and executive with extensive scientific, management, and operational experience. His expertise is in molecular biology, regulatory affairs, API manufacturing, and business. He has more than 30 years of research experience in metabolic engineering and drug discovery and development. In 2006 Dr. Yarger founded ENDECE, invented the company’s proprietary compound library, and made the initial discovery of specific compounds within the library that induce remyelination. Dr. Yarger is responsible for ENDECE’s scientific and business strategies and corporate development, including fundraising and building the respected ENDECE network.

Prior to ENDECE, Dr. Yarger co-founded Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals. As President and CEO he was responsible for the scientific strategy, business development, and FDA and DEA compliance and audits (including FDA inspections) that led to the company’s growth. He raised equity capital (over $15 million) and designed and built the Cedarburg Pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing facility.

Dr. Yarger holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Brandeis University and was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard. He is author of 13 scientific publications and 24 published scientific abstracts, and holds 14 awarded or filed patents.